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NTI Assignments

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  1. Complete 1 iReady Reading lesson.
  2. Complete 1 iReady Math lesson.

*The students know that in our classroom they have to work on lessons before they are allowed to play any of the learning games.

*I will resend login information upon request.

Keep practicing the sight word list that your student is on.  If they have mastered the one I sent home, you can click on Sight Words to the left and see all the lists that I have added.

I have also added several free learning websites to the Internet Resource tab.  Feel free to let your student explore these sites.

Augusta Independent School District - Board of Education
307 Bracken Street   |  Augusta, KY 41002
Phone: 606-756-2545  |  Fax: 606-756-2149

Augusta School
207 Bracken Street  |  Augusta, KY 41002
Phone: 606-756-2105  |  Fax: 606-756-3000